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[Finale] The easiest copy and paste method "Ctrl + Click"

(1) Select the copy source measure(s). *

(2) Hold down the ctrl key (option key on Mac) and click the measure you want to paste.

*Use one of tools that allows you to select measures, such as the Selection Tool, Key Signature Tool, and Time Signature Tool.

This method is suitable if you want to quickly and easily copy and paste a measure or multiple measures entirely.

I would recommend that you normally copy and paste using this method, and if you need to make detailed adjustments, using the copy: ctrl+C, paste: ctrl+V shortcut keys, or copy and paste using drag and drop.

(Note that with this method, since the paste destination is limited to the entire measure, if you select a portion within the measure in (1), the beat position to which it will be pasted will be the same as the copy source.)


When creating music scores using music notation software, skillful use of copy and paste has a significant impact on the speed and accuracy of the work.

Besides cases where the exact same content is repeated, since songs generally have many phrases with the same rhythm but different pitches, it's often faster and easier to copy and paste the phrase you've come up with and just change the pitch of the notes later on, rather than inputting everything from scratch.

I hope you will become a master copy and paste, which is a powerful weapon unique to music notation software that cannot be done by handwritten works.



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