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Privacy Policy

Music Tech Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as MTS) recognizes the importance of personal information and strives to protect it. In order to provide our users with peace of mind, we have established the following policies regarding the protection of personal information, and are working to protect personal information. MTS also handles information on corporate users and group users in the same manner as personal information.

​Collection of personal information

​MTS may conduct questionnaires etc. online or at events, and may require the provision of personal information such as e-mail addresses in addition to responses. In this case, we may use this personal information to contact participants as necessary, but we will not disclose information that can identify individuals.

Management of personal information

​MTS manages personal information appropriately and strives to prevent leakage to the outside. We strive to protect personal information by implementing appropriate safety measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, etc., and will erase personal information when the purpose of use of personal information is achieved. increase. In addition, personal information will not be disclosed/provided to third parties other than subcontractors without the consent of the user. However, personal information may be disclosed/provided without the consent of the user when disclosure is required by law or when disclosure is requested by public institutions such as the police.

Use of personal information

​MTS may use the personal information to send our service information to users that it considers to be interested in, by e-mail, etc. 

Privacy Policy Changes

​MTS will not change your choices regarding your personal information by changing this Privacy Policy. We may change our Privacy Policy so you should check this Privacy Policy periodically and if you choose to continue using it after it changes, you agree to the new Privacy Policy. is considered.


Privacy/Policy Inquiries

​If you have any questions about MTS Privacy Policy and the website, please contact us via the contact form.

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