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Notation based on the Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

​About the sales company
  • Company Name: Music Tech Solutions, Inc.

  • Sales Manager: Taro Koike

  • Location: Nihonbashi, 1-11-12 Nihonbashi Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0022 Mizuno Building 7F *

  • Phone number: 03-6824-6252​

  • Website URL:


*This is the address of our virtual office. When we receive a request for disclosure, we will promptly disclose our company's address information.

Selling price
  • See "Service contents" and "Plan/Price" page.

Necessary charges other than product price
  • Bank transfer fee (when applicable)

  • Communication cost at the time of ordering

  • Communication costs for sending and receiving support emails and Zoom chat

  • Communication cost for file download

payment method
  • credit card payment

  • Convenience store settlement

  • Bank transfer


Payment deadline
  • Credit card: Payment will be made immediately.

  • In the case of convenience store payment, the payment deadline is described in the email "Convenience Store Payment Request Completion" sent at the time of ordering.

  • Bank transfer: Please pay within 7 days after application.

Required system environment
  • When you use the online services, please prepare software, personal computer and Internet communication environment. (We do not sell software.)

Delivery of materials for online intensive courses
  • Learning materials will be sent to you one week prior to the course start date.

  • Support tickets cannot be refunded after purchase. In addition, it is not possible to transfer it to another person.

  • Regarding the online intensive course, we will officially apply for it when the application information is sent. If you wish to cancel it upon your reason after applying, please contact us from the inquiry form by 16:00 on the Friday of the two weeks before the implementation date. In that case, we will refund the amount after deducting the transfer fee and the handling fee 3.6% required for the cancellation processing on our side. (Example: In the case of 16,000 yen, 15,424 yen after deducting the handling fee 16,000*0.036=576 yen. )

  • Regarding intensive courses, it is not possible to cancel the course contract after the date of receiving the learning materials and the start date of the course

Trading product genre
  • Providing technical support, lessons, and consulting via e-mail, Zoom, etc.

  • サポートご依頼の場合は、「プラン・価格」リンクから予めチケットをご購入の上、お問い合わせください。

  • 初回のみ、チケット3枚分を「プラン・価格」リンクより無料でご購入いただけます。

  • ​当社サービスのご利用方法等についてのご質問は、そのまま以下よりお問い合わせください。



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