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楽譜作成ソフト専門のサポーター集団、Music Tech Solutions

A group of professional supporters specializing in music notation software

Music notation software represented by Finale, Sibelius, Dorico, MuseScore, etc. has become an indispensable tool to replace handwritten scores in all fields that use scores, such as composition, arrangement, recording, score publishing, and music education.


However, despite its convenience, it requires not only musical knowledge but also IT skills such as computer operation, and learning the music notation software is sometimes not easy. Even if you have a high level of musical ability, there are many cases where you have stress when operating software just because you are not good at computers.


At our company, staffs who have both practical experiences in professional music production such as overseas orchestra recording and technical support at music notation software distributors provide support services specialized for the music notation software. In addition to how to use the music notation software, we also provide computer operation knowledge necessary to use it, find bugs, present workarounds and alternatives, and provide consulting on how to best utilize it according to your needs.

[New! 2024/2/21]

Finale Intensive Course (March 2024) Basic I, II, III are now open for application. 

​Please check out more details in this page.

Our Services

  • サポートご依頼の場合は、「プラン・価格」リンクから予めチケットをご購入の上、お問い合わせください。

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  • ​当社サービスのご利用方法等についてのご質問は、そのまま以下よりお問い合わせください。



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