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[Finale] How to correct the pitch of notes entered in an wrong key

When writing music scores, you may start writing from the notes and then forget to write the key signature.

If you write on a paper by hand, you can simply add the key signature, but in Finale, when you reset the key signature, the pitch of the notes you have written will be altered.

This can be modified to some extent using the key signature dialog box. We just covered this problem in the last Finale Intensive Course, so I'll show you how to do it based on the resume we used at that time.

Suppose that when creating a list of 7 modes using key in F, you forget to set the key signature and complete note input with the default setting of key in C.

In this case, first select the key signature tool and double-click the first measure whose key you want to change to display the Key Signature dialog box, set the key to F and select "Hold Notes to Same Staff Lines (Modally)", then click the OK button.

In this file, mode names such as Ionian and Dorian are written using the Chord Tool, so although their root notes will be altered to B♭which is above P4th of F, all the notes will be kept in the original pitch except the 4th note of the F Lydian scale. This seems to require the least amount of modification.

For the root note of each mode that was written with the Chord Tool, click the "Transpose" button in the upper right corner of the "Change input chord definition" dialog box that opens in "Utility > Modify > Chord Definition". In the "Transpose" dialog box that opens, you can change from B♭ to the original F.

Then, the only thing you need to manually correct is the fourth note of the F Lydian scale.

In some cases, it may be faster to rewrite the notes, but if you have already input a lot of notes, I think it is worth trying this method.



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