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[Finale] Libraries greatly expanded in v27 (Part 3)

In this article, as a continuation of the first and second parts, I’d like to introduce the libraries included in the “2_v27用_その他” (2_v27_Others) folder.

01_Ornaments (articulations).lib

This includes baroque ornamental symbols registered in "Precomposed trills and mordents (U+E5B0–U+E5CF)".

02_Accidentals (articulations).lib

These articulations are not SMuFL symbols, but a bracketed accidental created using Finale's shape creation functionality.

03_Breath Marks.lib

This includes breath mark symbols registered in "Holds and pauses (U+E4C0–U+E4DF)". These are the same breath marks included in the vocal library, but they can be used when breath marks are required for instruments other than vocals.

04_Rehearsal Marks_Auto-arranged.lib

This is the same as the ones included in the default new file. Recent versions of Finale are equipped with auto-arranged rehearsal marks*, but some files created with older versions of Finale may not have them, so if you want to import auto-arranged rehearsal marks into such files, you can use it.

*Rehearsal mark that automatically increments and arranges the numbers when inputting. For example, if you enter a new rehearsal mark between rehearsal marks A and B, it will become B, and the previous B will be automatically changed to C.

05_Rehearsal Marks_For Manual Installation.lib

This includes symbols such as "A1" and "A2" which are variations of the rehearsal mark "A", as well as Japanese symbols such as "Bメロ” (B melody) and "サビ” (chorus), you may want to use them mainly in popular songs.

06_Rehearsal Marks_large.lib

The rehearsal marks originally included in Finale are in Rentaro font 26pt, but this size has been enlarged to 64pt. This would be useful mainly for sheet music used in performances and recordings.

The article below explains how to use it in detail.

▼Introducing professional Finale templates: Part 1 Hayato Matsuo (composer/arranger/orchestrator)

07_Rehearsal marks_Extra large.lib

Similarly, this increases the font size to 90pt.

This is what they look like when you compare them side by side.

- - - - -

All of these new libraries in v27 can be created in your own Finale v27 environment without any additional purchases. Of course, you can further customize these libraries to your liking and create new libraries, so if you are interested, we recommend giving it a try.

However, if you increase the number of libraries in a chaotic manner, there is a risk that countless .lib files will be created in the Libraries folder, and you will gradually lose track of which one is what. To avoid this trouble, we recommend that you always keep your files organized by establishing naming rules for .lib files and dividing them into folders, like these "v27" libraries.



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