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[Finale] Is Finale neglecting Mac users?

Occasionally I hear people say, "Finale seems to be neglecting Mac users these days."

The background to these comments is that a major problem occurred in 2015 with Finale 2014 on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan where force-quit happened when the Expression Tool etc. was used, and the development and provision of the simplified version of PrintMusic and the Mac version of the free version of NotePad have ended one after another in the same period.

In my opinion, the main reason for this problem is that macOS is updated almost every year, and application development is not keeping pace with it.

Sometimes macOS released version’s specifications may change from its beta version while applications development has been conducted with the beta version of macOS. I have heard that sometimes bugs found on the previous macOS were automatically resolved in the new macOS.

Looking at this situation, it can be said that the application's bugs are not the problems only on the application’s side, and the situation seems to be quite complex.

In any case, as end users of applications, what we can do is not immediately deploy a new version of macOS unless it is absolutely necessary, and wait until the macOS compatibility status of the application we are currently using is announced.

Historically, this is especially important for macOS. Basically, when there is a problem with OS compatibility, the developer usually distributes a free update that fixes it, but if there is a problem, there is no guarantee that the updater will be provided in time for your current work at hand.

In the end, my conclusion for now is that end users have no choice but to understand that ``such things happen in application development'' and protect themselves.

For the Japanese version of Finale, the following website announces OS compatibility.

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