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[Finale] Playback tempo setting: Using MIDI tools

One of the questions we often receive at Finale Tech Support is about setting the tempo for playback.

In Finale, generally there are three ways to set the playback tempo.

(1) Using the playback controller

(2) Using MIDI tools

(3) Using Tempo Marks with Expression Tool

Of the above, (2) is not often used, but for example, when you want to perform a live performance of a song created in a DAW, you may want to export a MIDI file and import it into Finale to create a score.

In this case that MIDI file may have unnecessary information which disturbs Finale’s playback tempo control, then you may be able to correct this by specifying the tempo in the MIDI Tool.

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If you import a MIDI file into Finale and create a score and experience playback problems for the reasons mentioned above, select the problem area and go to "Edit menu > Crear Selected Items". It is also effective to delete only the MIDI data.

By executing this, you can also delete the tempo information created in above (2).

In the next article, I would like to introduce "(1) Using the playback controller", which can be used in more general cases.



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