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[Finale] Undo (Ctrl + Z) doesn't work! (Windows only)

One of the most common issues with Finale's technical support is that the undo operation (Ctrl+Z) doesn't work. Conclusion first, this can be resolved in most cases by following procedure.

First, check the current situation. If it says "cannot undo" in the edit menu, select "Preferences" at the bottom of this menu.

Once you open the Preferences dialog box, select Edit from the left menu and make sure "Allow Undo" is checked.

If not, check this box and click the "OK" button.

Open the Edit menu again. This is the normal state of the Edit menu when typing.

The thing is that this check is often unchecked without your permission. I'm not sure why this is unchecked, but it seems that this problem tends to occur after applying updates to Finale, and possibly even after Windows OS updates have been applied.

Another question is why such a feature exists in Finale. From a normal sense, I think that there is no need for a function to prevent undo, but the user manual corresponding item, I found the following explanation.

If you read it, you would think "I see", but considering the frequency of problems in the current usage environment, I don't know this feature should exist or not.



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